Sound Hire

DJ Equipment Hire

BPG has all the equipment you need to set up your own DJ rig for a party or to add some colour with our range of funky disco lights!
Check out our range or send us a message!
If you need a DJ then we can supply those too!

PA System Hire

We can supply a small PA system for a gym class or a full band setup for a rock band. We can even supply an engineer to do it all for you.
Let us advise you on what is best for your event.

Wireless Radio Microphones

Our range of professional wireless microphones are perfect for picking out that solo performance in the school play or for a speaker at a business conference.
We only use high quality microphones that ensure a perfect performance every time.

Microphone and Cable Hire

You can hire all your microphones, cables, stands, tripods and microphone cables from us. We have all types for different instruments or applications. Ask us for advice.

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